July 8, 2024

How to Save Money on Pool Chemicals

Saving money on pool chemicals is a common challenge for many pool owners. A unique solution lies in ecoFINISH coatings and AquaSpada, products renowned for reducing chemical use. This article will guide you through optimizing your pool maintenance by integrating these innovations, slashing your chemical bills significantly.

Benefits of Using ecoFINISH Coatings for Your Pool

Using ecoFINISH coatings for your pool reduces the need for expensive pool chemicals and provides longer-lasting, more effective results compared to traditional finishes, leading to cost savings on maintenance and repairs.

Surface treatment of an unoccupied in-ground pool being carried out with a weed burner.

Reduced need for pool chemicals

ecoFINISH coatings significantly cut the amount of chemicals needed to maintain a pool. 

Traditional pool finishes often require large amounts of expensive chlorine and other chemicals to keep water clear and prevent algae growth. However, with ecoFINISH’s high-quality aquaBRIGHT™ and polyFIBRO® coatings, pools stay cleaner longer without as much chemical help. This means less money spent on chlorine, shock treatments, and algaecides over time.

Pool owners who follow recommended startup and maintenance procedures can expect a significant drop in their annual spending on pool chemicals while enjoying a healthier swimming environment.

Longer-lasting and more effective than traditional pool finishes

Traditional pool finishes require frequent reapplication and maintenance, leading to increased costs. However, ecoFINISH coatings offer longer-lasting solutions that can save pool owners time and money on repairs and upkeep.

These commercial pool coatings are designed to enhance durability while reducing the overall cost of pool chemicals by creating a sustainable environment for swimmers through their eco-friendly features.

By choosing ecoFINISH, pool owners can optimize their filtration systems and reduce chlorine demand, resulting in significant cost savings over time.

Cost savings on maintenance and repairs

coFINISH coatings not only offer a longer-lasting and more effective alternative to traditional pool finishes but also lead to significant cost savings on maintenance and repairs.

This sustainable approach not only reduces chemical demand but also creates a healthier swimming environment while conserving water.

By reducing the need for chlorine with ecoFINISH coatings’ exceptional durability features ultimately save money on chemical costs long-term—creating an economical yet environmentally friendly solution for maintaining your pool.

How to Save Money on Pool Chemicals with AquaSpada

Save money on pool chemicals with AquaSpada by utilizing its organic matter breakdown capabilities, which effectively reduce the demand for chlorine. Additionally, AquaSpada ensures clear and balanced pool water while being cost-effective and easy to use.

Aquaspada text overlay on a photo of a swimming pool.

Breaks down organic matter, reducing chlorine demand

AquaSpada is a cost-effective and easy-to-use solution that breaks down organic matter. When used according to recommendations, AquaSpada significantly reduces the need for chlorine and other chemicals, ensuring clear and balanced pool water while helping to save money on chemical costs.

Additionally, AquaSpada helps create a healthier swimming environment by efficiently managing organic matter without requiring excessive chemical treatments, thus promoting sustainable and environmentally friendly pool maintenance practices.

Keeps pool water clear and balanced

AquaSpada, a cost-effective and easy-to-use solution, significantly reduces the need for chlorine and other chemicals when the pool’s pump is run according to recommendations. This not only creates a healthier swimming environment but also ensures that the pool water remains clear and well-balanced without relying heavily on chemical treatments.

AquaSpada’s ability to break down organic matter further reduces chlorine demand, contributing to maintaining crystal-clear water in an environmentally friendly manner. Therefore, by implementing AquaSpada, you can effectively reduce the overall dependency on traditional pool chemicals while ensuring optimal water quality at a reduced cost.


By opting for ecoFINISH coatings and AquaSpada, pool owners can cut costs on pool chemicals while maintaining a clean and balanced swimming environment. These options not only reduce the need for constant chemical treatments but also offer long-term savings on maintenance and repair expenses.

With these alternatives, pool owners can enjoy a cost-effective way to care for their pools that is easy to use and environmentally friendly. Making the switch to these innovative solutions allows pool owners to save money without compromising water quality or sustainability efforts.