July 5, 2024

Why is Pool Chlorine so Expensive?

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Keeping your swimming pool clean and safe is essential, but have you noticed the soaring prices of pool chlorine lately? With a widespread chlorine shortage driving up costs, maintaining a sparkling pool has become more expensive.

Reasons for Expensive Pool Chlorine

Pool chlorine’s high cost is due to a shortage and high demand, along with the hazards of storing it, which drive up prices. There are also alternatives for pool sanitation that can alleviate the reliance on expensive chlorine tablets.

Shortage and high demand

Chlorine prices have skyrocketed, primarily because of a widespread shortage. This scarcity makes the cost go up even more. Over the past twenty years, the price for chlorine has more than doubled.

Many pool owners are worried about this issue. They’re looking for different ways to keep their pools clean without spending too much money.

Because of the high demand and short supply, people are turning to alternatives like ecoFINISH and AquaSpada that reduce reliance on costly chlorine tablets and other swimming pool chemicals needed for water treatment and sanitation.

Hazards of storing chlorine

Storing chlorine can pose serious hazards due to its reactive nature and potential for creating harmful byproducts. Chlorine reacts with organic substances in the pool, leading to the formation of disinfection byproducts like chloramines, which can cause skin irritation, respiratory issues, and even exacerbate asthma symptoms.

Additionally, mishandling or improper storage of chlorine can result in chemical burns or fires. With the current soaring prices and shortage of chlorine, businesses are exploring safer alternatives for pool water treatment to mitigate these risks.

How ecoFINISH and AquaSpada Can Help

Investing in ecoFINISH and AquaSpada can lead to significant savings on pool chemicals by reducing the need for frequent chemical treatments and maintenance. These innovative solutions not only cut costs but also provide a more eco-friendly and healthier way to maintain your pool.


The outer wall of an above-ground pool showcasing its surface finish.

Durable, pH-Neutral Coating: ecoFINISH provides a high-performance, durable pool finish that is pH-neutral. This coating reduces algae growth and stabilizes pH levels, thereby decreasing the need for frequent chemical adjustments.

Reduced Chemical Usage: By creating a smoother and more resistant surface, ecoFINISH prevents the buildup of contaminants and algae, meaning you’ll use fewer chemicals to keep your pool clean. This leads to substantial savings over time.

Long-Lasting: ecoFINISH coatings are long-lasting and require less frequent maintenance compared to traditional finishes. This reduces the overall cost of pool upkeep, including the need for fewer chemicals.


Image illustrating the benefits of AquaSpada, an advanced pool treatment product, including contaminant elimination, reduced chemical dependence, water clarification, simplified maintenance, and equipment protection.

Water Turbulence Technology: AquaSpada uses a unique system that creates water turbulence to eliminate bacteria and algae. This process reduces the need for traditional chemical treatments.

Ionization Process: By incorporating ionization, AquaSpada enhances water clarity and quality without relying heavily on chlorine or other harsh chemicals. This can lead to significant savings on chemical costs.

Lower Chemical Demand: AquaSpada helps maintain optimal water conditions, reducing the need for regular chemical additions. This not only saves money but also results in a healthier and more comfortable swimming environment.


The escalating cost of pool chlorine, driven by shortages, high demand, and storage hazards, has made maintaining a clean and safe swimming pool more challenging and expensive. However, alternatives like ecoFINISH and AquaSpada offer sustainable and cost-effective solutions for pool owners looking to reduce their reliance on traditional chlorine treatments.

By investing in these innovative solutions, pool owners can achieve effective water treatment and sanitation while mitigating the impact of rising chlorine prices. Embracing these alternatives not only leads to substantial savings but also promotes more sustainable and eco-friendly pool care practices.