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Our Startup & Maintenance Guide

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Startup Procedure

Step 1: Fill the pool with water. WHILE pool is being filled, add McGrayel EasyCare StartUp-Tec dosage per chart below:

Step 2: Perform a full professional water analysis to pool water after being filled.

Step 3: Start the filtration system when the pools is full to the middle of the skimmer.

Step 4: Balance water chemistry based on the water analysis done on Step 2.


Step 1: Balance chlorine levels using Trichloro-S-Triazinetrione.

Step 2: Maintain chemistry parameters shown below:


Note: Cyanuric Acid plays an important role in your pool. CYA preserves your free chlorine and allows it to destroy bacteria 3X to 5X longer than without. It’s recommended to keep your cyanuric acid around 50 ppm. To establish 50 ppm, you’ll need to check the product instructions for your pool size.

Chemical adjustments are mandatory by the homeowner during the life of the pool.

Step 3: Add maintenance dose of algaecide.

Step 4: Shock as needed with Potassium Monopersulfate.

Note: We DO NOT recommend using Calcium Hypochlorite and/or floating chemical dispenser as they contain harsh chemicals and will likely bleach the pigment of the aquaBRIGHTTM and polyFIBRO® finishes over an extended period of time. Chemicals should always be added to the water, NEVER water to a chemical.

It is the responsibility of the pool owner to ensure pool chemistry remains in industry accepted chemical balance concentration ranges, and all chlorinating agents used are administered, and maintained in the proper manner. Mis-use of Calcium Hypochlorite, such as extreme high concentrations, direct broadcast of into pool, or malfunctioning auto-feeders, may over an extended period of time result in discoloration of the finish.


Step 1: Add directly to the pool. Add McGrayel EasyCare Beautec dosage per chart below:
If water hardness level is above 500 parts per million, double the dosage.


For any additional care and maintenance information, please contact ecoFINISH®, LLC.

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