Most Energy Efficient Method to Increase Your
Water Quality and Reduce Chemical Consumption.

AquaSpada is an advanced pool treatment product that offers several benefits. It eliminates contaminants in two ways, leading to cleaner water. By using AquaSpada pool owners can significantly reduce their dependence on chlorine and other chemicals by up to 90% It also clarifies water by removing suspended particles, resulting in clear pool water. AquaSpada simplifies water balancing by eliminating excess acids and makes maintenance easier. Additionally, it cleans scale and biofilm from pool surfaces, pipes, and equipment, extending their lifespan. AquaSpada also protects pool surfaces from scale and staining. Overall, AquaSpada is a valuable solution for pool owners, providing improved water quality and simplified maintenance.

Image illustrating the benefits of AquaSpada, an advanced pool treatment product, including contaminant elimination, reduced chemical dependence, water clarification, simplified maintenance, and equipment protection.


AquaSpada keeps the swimming environment cleaner, healthier, good looking, and pool owners won't have to spend much time with a brush in their hand.

How it works: H₂O goes into the AquaSpada and it super bursts into a bunch of bubbles causing it to from a liquid to a vapor and back to liquid. The new liquid that is formed is called H3O+(structured water). H3O+ has different properties than H₂O. It's highly exclusive and forms at hydrophilic surfaces such as pool surfaces and equipment. When the H3O+ comes out of the AquaSpada it bonds to the pool surfaces and equipment creating a barrier making scaling more difficult to occur.



AquaSpada eliminates 99.3% of bacteria and algae, which reduces the amount of chemicals needed to sanitize your pool.

How It Works: An antimicrobial additive is released and designed to eliminate the bacteria and algae while inside the AquaSpada.



Naturally eliminating suspended particles helps reduce the chemicals required to keep the pool sanitized and gives you that crystal-clear water.

How It Works: A negative charge released from the AquaSpada is imparted to all submicron particles passing through the device causing them to aggregate and become larger to get caught in the filter.



You will not absorb to a very high degree the amount of chemicals (i.e. chlorine) or contaminants in the water.

Your skin is a hydrophilic surface and when you jump into an AquaSpada swimming pool, you are immediately enveloped with structured water, and a barrier is created around your body.



Cyanuric and other acids begin to decompose at 360°. The AquaSpada has specialty nozzles and discs inside. When the water is pushed through the nozzles and discs, they  super burst into a bunch of bubbles.  About 1/3 of those bubbles will get past the 360° causing the acids to gradually reduce. (This will not affect the temperature of the pool water at all.)


Because there is no electricity, no filters to change, no moving parts, and no maintenance. The original prototype of over 20 years is still operating the same today as when first put on.