March 23, 2023

Why are ecoFINISH coatings better than other options?

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ecoFINISH coatings are the superior option for a long list of reasons, however, we understand we’re keeping you from swimming in your pool. In this article we’ll only cover our top 3 fan favorites that result in saving you money.

ecoFINISH’s PH Neutral Barrier

Firstly, ecoFINISH coatings creates a pH neutral barrier. 

Epoxy paints, plaster, and cement-based options are very susceptible to the affects of pH swings in water.

Common pool activities such as swimmers wearing sunscreen or your dog jumping into the water, can easily disrupt the pH levels in your swimming pool. This leads to an imbalance in your overall water chemistry in your pool.

Outdoor pools can be affected by minor things such as rain, leaves, and other debris which can disrupt the pH of the pool.

When a pool coated with epoxy paint, plaster or cement has unbalanced pool chemistry, the coating can begin to delaminate causing damage to the pool.

But how does a pH neutral barrier save you money? You’ll notice immediate savings when using significantly less chemicals to balance your water. A pH neutral barrier means your pool surface is no longer fighting with your water chemistry.

This is one of the main reasons ecoFINISH coatings surpass all others, short term and long term saving. The pH neutral barrier, created by ecoFINISH coatings, prohibit unbalanced pool chemistry from causing damage to the surface below- extending the life of your surface. 

Start Up

In addition, your swimming pool, cistern, aquatic tank, etc. will have NO start up time once an ecoFINISH coating has been applied. The third coat of our ecoFINISH coatings cures almost instantly, giving you virtually NO wait time on your pool start up. After the third coat is applied, the installer will brush out the pool, remove the heat tape, and replace your fittings. After which, your pool can be immediately filled with water

Certain coatings like plaster require much more attention and complicated start ups. Did we mention ecoFINISH coatings can be applied to “green” plaster? If not, we’re mentioning it now. Yes, ecoFINISH can be applied to “green” plaster. Should we say it again? We should but, we won’t because, we’re holding you up from going swimming. It’s the only way to FEEL the difference of ecoFINISH coatings on your feet. Unlike the feel of plaster after a few years of unbalanced water.

How does this save you money? If you want a genuine answer, ask anyone who didn’t hydrate their plaster while it was curing. I’m sure they know down to the penny how much they spend to repair it.

ecoFINISH Coatings VS Fiberglass Gel Coat

PolyFibro®, an ecoFinish coating designed for Fiberglass pools, is quickly becoming the standard repair for failed gel coatings.

Slow cure time, stress cracks, mottled color, these are common problems with gel coats. That’s why ecoFINISH developed polyFIBRO® – a thermo-polymer coating for fiberglass, scientifically formulated to overcome the issues seen with gel coat. polyFIBRO® is a flexible coating that can withstand the movement of the fiberglass shell, reducing stress cracks. 

polyFIBRO® is ideal not only for fiberglass pools, but perfect for resurfacing steps  and water slides. It can even be used to coat reflection pools! 

Ditch the gel coat and paint. With our modern, stylish colors and durability, polyFIBRO® will give your pool a high-quality, luxury feel for you and your family to enjoy for years. 

Ask any of the ecoFINISH customers who previously had painted pools and they will tell you that repainting your pool every year isn’t the best use of your money.

a pool coated in the Blue Lagoon ecoFINISH coating
Pool coated with ecoFINISH in Blue Lagoon by Mirage Pools and Spas

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