June 28, 2016

How to Keep Your Pool Algae-Free This Summer

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Summer has arrived and now it’s the most wonderful time of the year…for people who consider themselves fish. Hopefully, your Christmas tree is either put away or thrown out by now, and your swimming pool is up and running. And although it can be the most peaceful and blissful, or wild and fun, thing in the world, no one ever said that owning a pool is easy. The Chlorine and pH levels have to be just right, it needs to be cleaned regularly, and it needs to be kept free of algae.

ecoFINISH®, a worldwide leader in pool finishes, can help keep your pool clean with the use of their product aquaBRIGHT™. You’ll spend less time balancing your water chemistry and more time having fun in the water with your family with this swimming pool resurfacing product. There are also a couple of other ways you can make sure your pool stays in that crystal clear blue state instead of becoming an ugly green color. Here is how to keep your pool algae-free this summer:

1.    Keep Chlorine at the proper levels – Everyone, even little kids, knows that Chlorine is used to keep pools clean. But did you know that it must be maintained at the appropriate levels every day? It’s not enough to just throw some Chlorine in there now and then, there must be consistent levels of Chlorine to kill and ward off the algae. It’s also a good idea to shock your pool weekly.

2.    Use and clean the filter regularly – Circulating the water is one of the best ways to prevent algae from growing in your pool. If you keep the filter running regularly and properly, the water and sanitizing chemicals will flow evenly throughout the pool. Make sure to also routinely check and clean the filter, so dirt and other debris don’t get in the way.

3.    Use the pool – The good news is you can keep your pool algae-free by using it on a regular basis. Swimming stirs up the water and makes it easier for you to find dirt and other unwanted particles. So slather on some sunscreen and go swimming!

Following these three steps correctly will ensure that your pool is kept free from algae this summer. Don’t forget that the right pool finish can also help. So get out there, have fun, and go swimming in your immaculate pool. To learn more about the products and services ecoFINISH®, contact them at 1-800-704-4167.