April 24, 2018

What to Consider When Selecting a Finish For Your Pool

With the marvels of modern technology, we can customize our swimming pools in ways that the ancient Greeks and Romans would envy us. Be it a private backyard pool or the spa of a luxury bath, pool coats and finishes can vary in application and quality. With the plethora of choices out there on the market, we wanted to review the process of selecting the finish that’s most suited to your pool.

At ecoFINISH®, As we guide you through the selection process, we’ll talk about industry terminology that relates to pool renovations and finishes. When it comes time to renovate, you’ll be an amateur designer in your own right:

Aligning Your Perspective

When you think of pool finishes, you’re likely imagining more traditional masonry or fiberglass of yesteryears. Because of the way in which the industry is regulated today, what was once legal in the 1980s is now banned and obsolete. Pool finishes, exposed to water, along with variations in temperature and pH, need a durability and longevity that once went overlooked.

Today, maintaining your pool’s finish is as much about the material you choose as it is how you monitor it. Since you’re inevitably going to treat your swimming pool or spa with chemicals over the years, you want a finish that’ll resist chipping or disintegrating. Having a high-end coating for your pool concerns the safety of your water as well as its aesthetic appeal.

The Aesthetic Side of Coating

If you prefer your fiberglass pools shining white, you’re among the vast majority of pool owners in the country. If, however, you’re not utilizing an ecoFINISH® product like polyFIBRO®, there is no guarantee that your pool’s surface will be staying clear for long. As chemical concentrations fluctuate inside of swimming pools, inferior finishes slowly fade and stain with exposure. Instead of stressing yourself over the chemistry, you can simply rely on a high-performance finish that is proven to endure.

Pros and Cons of Pool Additives

Ask your average pool installers how to maintain a typical plastic finish, and they’ll probably tell you to invest in chemical additives. Known as “pozzolans,” these additives can, in fact, resist the corrosive effects of water chemistry, reducing instances of cracking or mottling. Although simple in their application, additives do increase the cost of pool or spa maintenance.

Consult a Pool Coating Specialist

As you weigh all the coating options and color schemes available to you, why not ease the effort substantially by consulting with an ecoFINISH® expert? Our staff has the knowledge and service skills to aid you through the entire process of customizing and selecting the ideal finish for pools or spas.

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