December 12, 2019

Essential Lifeguard Equipment All Commercial Pools Should Have on Deck

Unless you own a commercial indoor pool you’re focused on running, you’re probably already making plans for next pool-season. Does your commercial pool need resurfacing? A new liner? A fresh aquatic coating? These renovations are all great for pool maintenance, but you mustn’t ignore outside pool equipment that is essential for swimmers’ safety. During the off-season, ensure you have all the essential lifeguard equipment on deck. 

Rescue Equipment

Rescue Tube: You’ll often see lifeguards walk around with a rescue tube strapped around their shoulders. This flotation device is a long tube spanning a little over 3 feet in length. The high-density foam and vinyl materials used to create a rescue tube are buoyant enough to float under a lot of weight. 

Lifebuoy: Lifebuoys are known by a variety of names, including ring buoy, life donut, lifesaver, etc. They come in a variety of sizes to accommodate individuals of different ages and body proportions. Like rescue tubes, lifebuoys are made of high-density foam covered by polyethylene plastic that is attached to a durable rope to pull swimmers to shore.

Backboard: This life-saving device is used to rescue victims who have suffered head, neck, or spine injuries. Head immobilizers should always be stored with backboards as the two pieces of equipment work in tandem to prevent serious injuries from worsening.  

Shepherd’s Crook: A shepherd’s crook is exactly what it sounds like. It sports a large hook supported by a long aluminum handle. Lifeguards can extend the handle over the pool as far as needed to grab the struggling swimmer. Once the swimmer has caught they handle, they can be pulled back to the deck. 

Medical Supplies

First Aid Kit: First aid kits are medical supplies that every commercial and residential pool owner should have handy in case of an emergency. They contain medical provisions such as bandages, sterile gauze dressings, safety pins, disposable gloves, antiseptic ointment, and much more. First aid kits can be personalized for every commercial pool. 

Emergency Oxygen: Swimmers who have difficulty breathing may require emergency oxygen. This purified form of oxygen can relieve symptoms of hypoxemia if administered in time. Lifeguards should be trained in the correct procedure of administering emergency oxygen. 

Automated External Defibrillator (AED): In dire situations, lifeguards may need to utilize an automated external defibrillator to save swimmers who are experiencing a sudden cardiac arrest. These devices should only be used as the last rescue resort by trained professional lifeguards. 

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Lifeguards must take the correct precautions to ensure they are properly protected before venturing to someone’s rescue. As such, they should be in close proximity to personal protective equipment, such as gloves, breathing masks, protective eyewear, etc. 

Although we’re best known for our aquaBRIGHT™ and polyFIBRO® commercial pool finishes, we’re also strong advocates for swimming pool safety. We believe quality safety equipment is the best solution to swimming emergencies, just like aquaBRIGHT™ and polyFIBRO® are the best solution to inferior swimming pool coatings. Learn more about our products by contacting the ecoFINISH team at 1-800-704-4167.