May 29, 2019

Why You Should Have Your Commercial Pool Resurfaced

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Commercial pools are a valuable amenity for businesses and their patrons. However, over time, wear and tear can take a toll on the pool’s appearance and functionality. That’s where resurfacing commercial pools comes in. Not only does it restore the luster of the pool’s surface, but it also offers a multitude of benefits for businesses in terms of maintenance and appearance.

Investing in pool resurfacing benefits businesses by improving the overall appearance and health of the pool and saving money on maintenance costs in the long run. A well-maintained pool not only looks appealing to patrons but also creates a safer swimming environment. Resurfacing can also restore the shine to a pool and remove any unsightly stains that may have accumulated over time.

Commercial pool maintenance is crucial to keeping the pool in pristine condition. Resurfacing provides an excellent opportunity to make any necessary repairs and adjustments to the pool’s structure, making it more functional and appealing to patrons. By investing in pool restoration, businesses can increase customer satisfaction and create a more attractive environment, drawing in more patrons.

Ultimately, resurfacing commercial pools is a smart investment for businesses. Not only does it enhance the pool’s appearance, but it also improves its functionality and maintenance, creating a safer and more attractive environment for patrons.

Benefits of Resurfacing Commercial Pools

Commercial pools are prone to wear and tear due to constant use, exposure to harsh weather conditions, and chemical imbalances. Over time, this wear and tear leads to a dull, unappealing pool surface that can turn off patrons. Resurfacing commercial pools can rejuvenate the pool’s appearance, attracting more customers and improving the overall pool experience. Here are some of the benefits of resurfacing commercial pools:

Rejuvenating a pool

Pool resurfacing is an excellent way to rejuvenate the pool’s appearance, making it look brand new and shiny. The resurfacing process involves applying a fresh coat of pool finish to the pool’s surface, giving it a refreshed look.

Attracting patrons

An attractive pool surface can attract more patrons to your commercial pool. People are naturally drawn to pools that look clean, clear, and inviting. By resurfacing your pool, you can create a more welcoming environment that will encourage more people to visit and enjoy your pool.

Shiny pool surface

Resurfacing your commercial pool can give it a shiny surface that sparkles in the sunlight. A shiny pool surface not only looks beautiful but also conveys cleanliness and a well-maintained pool.

Clear pool water

Resurfacing your commercial pool can also help improve the clarity of the pool water by addressing any leaks or cracks in the pool surface that may be causing water loss or contamination. This ensures that patrons can enjoy a clean and healthy swimming environment.

pH balance and chlorine levels

During the resurfacing process, the pool’s pH balance and chlorine levels are checked and adjusted as necessary. Maintaining proper chemical levels is crucial to ensure safe swimming conditions and prevent any health hazards.

Overall, resurfacing commercial pools is a smart investment for businesses. It not only improves the appearance and attractiveness of the pool but also ensures a safe and healthy swimming environment for patrons.

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ecoFINISH® Solutions for Commercial Pool Resurfacing

When it comes to resurfacing commercial pools, ecoFINISH offers superior solutions that ensure long-lasting results and improved aesthetics. One such solution is the aquaBRIGHT™ finish from ecoFINISH, which not only delivers a beautiful, vibrant pool surface but also provides a durable surface that can withstand harsh chemicals and weather conditions.

aquaBRIGHT is known for its ability to effectively remove stains from pool surfaces, leaving a smooth and shiny finish. The finish also helps to address minor scratches and scuffs, giving the pool a freshly resurfaced look.

In addition to the aquaBRIGHT finish, ecoFINISH also offers polyFIBRO® finishes, which are perfect for swimming pool repairs. These finishes provide a strong, waterproof seal that enhances the aesthetics of commercial pools while ensuring durability and longevity.

Overall, the advanced solutions offered by ecoFINISH for commercial pool resurfacing provide excellent benefits such as stain removal, bringing life to a scratched pool surface, swimming pool repairs, and commercial pool aesthetics. These solutions ensure that businesses can continue to attract and maintain a satisfied customer base, while also improving their overall pool appearance.


In conclusion, resurfacing a commercial pool is a smart investment for businesses. It offers a range of benefits, including improved pool aesthetics, attracting more customers, and overall pool improvement. By renovating a pool, businesses can ensure that their pool remains in top condition and continues to attract patrons.

Pool renovation benefits businesses in several ways, such as providing a fresh and updated look, addressing any wear and tear issues, and creating a visually appealing and inviting pool environment. With an attractive pool, businesses can attract more customers and increase their revenue.

Here at ecoFINISH, we provide high-quality swimming pool finishes that will leave your pool looking fresh, clean, and under control.