May 29, 2019

Why You Should Have Your Commercial Pool Resurfaced

As pools age, it’s natural for them to experience wear and tear and appear as if they’ve lost their luster. This can be particularly true if you run or manage a commercial pool, considering the amount of use it gets. Further, it is vital for your swimming pool to be kept in good condition to keep your seasonal patrons coming back, as well as to draw new customers.

Opting for a new pool finish can replace previous paint or plaster that your pool had before, giving it a new lease on life and rejuvenating it for years to come. In fact, there are actually a few reasons why a commercial pool resurfacing might be in order for your pool, such as:

Your Pool Will Look Cleaner

Swimming pools tend to look their best when they look clean, clear, and shiny. It attracts patrons to your pool and inspires them to go for a swim, in contrast to a dull, foggy-looking pool. Ordering a new finish for your pool will make it look sparkling, glamorous, and new, not to mention better for business.

Worry Less About pH Levels

As pools get dirtier over time, the pH balance and chlorine levels can get to be a problem. Applying a new finish to your pool will remove the necessity for frequent pH checks and costly renovations and replacements, especially if you resurface your pool with ecoFINISH®‘s thermal plastic aquaBRIGHT™ finish.

Say Goodbye to Stains & Scratches

Swimming pools that are used often, such as commercial pools with a high volume of swimmers, can become stained very quickly for a number of reasons, whether from people or the environment. A new finish on your pool will disguise any stains and provide a coating that will make the pool look cleaner. Besides stains, pools can acquire scratches due to the high volume of people. A new finish will cover any tears or etches and make your swimming pool look like it’s never had damage at all!

Here at ecoFINISH® High Performance Pool Finishes, we provide high-quality polyFIBRO® swimming pool finishes that will leave your pool looking fresh, clean, and under control. To learn more, give us a call today at 1-800-704-4167.