June 27, 2023

AquaSpada: An Innovative First Step to a Crystal Clear Pool

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Imagine a hot summer’s day, the sun shining brightly as you prepare for a refreshing dip in your pool. But have you thought about the quality of your pool’s water? Algae, bacteria, scale, and staining can turn your pool into a disappointment. Thankfully, AquaSpada is an innovative solution that leads to clean, clear water and worry-free swimming. Let’s explore its remarkable features and benefits.

A diagram showcasing AquaSpada converting H20 to H30+
Diagram showcasing AquaSpada converting H20 to H30+

The Power of AquaSpada

AquaSpada isn’t just any old piece of pool equipment—it’s a comprehensive innovative pool solution designed to enhance your pool experience. Let’s dive into what it does and how it works.

Say Goodbye to Algae and Bacteria

AquaSpada has an impressive ability to eliminate an astounding 99.3% of algae and bacteria; resulting in a significant reduction in the need for pool sanitizing chemicals. As a result, you’ll enjoy lower chemical costs and reduced pool maintenance expenses.

How it works: AquaSpada releases ions specially designed to eliminate bacteria and algae while inside the AquaSpada unit. This is all done without introducing minerals into your pool water.

Natural Water Clarification

Cloudy water can be a frustrating challenge for pool owners everywhere. The culprits behind this issue are submicron particles, which not only contribute to cloudy water but also serve as a haven for contaminants. Luckily, AquaSpada comes to the rescue with its natural elimination of these particles.

How it Works: AquaSpada imparts a negative charge to all submicron particles causing them to aggregate and grow larger, making them easier to get caught in the pool filter.

Protecting your Pool’s Surface

Scale and staining are two common problems that pool owners encounter, resulting in unsightly surfaces and expensive repairs. With AquaSpada, your swimming environment stays cleaner and healthier. Therefore eliminating the need to spend hours scrubbing and worrying about the maintenance of your pool’s surface.

How it Works: When H2O enters the AquaSpada, it undergoes a transformation. It rapidly bursts into bubbles, transitioning from a liquid to a vapor and back to a liquid. The resulting liquid is known as H3O+ or structured water. H3O+ possesses unique properties that are highly advantageous for hydrophilic surfaces such as pool surfaces and equipment. As the H3O+ exits the AquaSpada, it bonds to the pool surface and equipment, creating a protective barrier that makes scaling more difficult to occur.

Additionally, AquaSpada will help remove existing scale over time.

Ensuring Swimmer Safety

When it comes to enjoying your pool, safety is always top priority. Chlorine can leave skin feeling dry, eyes red and irritated, and lead to health issues. With AquaSpada, you can rest assured knowing that your swimming experience will be both safe and comfortable.

How it Works: Your skin acts as a hydrophilic surface, as soon as you jump in an AquaSpada swimming pool, you become enveloped in structured water, creating a protective barrier around your body. This ensures that you can swim with peace of mind, knowing that you’re shielded by a protective barrier.

AquaSpada makes owning a clean and clear pool reality. This innovative pool solution eliminates algae and bacteria, naturally clarifies water, protects against scale and staining, and ensures swimmer safety. Say goodbye to the frustrations of pool maintenance and welcome worry-free swimming experiences. Dive into crystal clear waters with AquaSpada and embrace the joys of owning a pool!

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