June 20, 2021

The Benefits of BioCote® Antimicrobial Coating Technology

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Virtually everyone on the planet uses paint for walls, ceilings, floors, etc. Antimicrobial paint or industrial coatings have additives that resist or deter microbes. One of the most effective additives on the market is BioCote®, which can be added to coatings and paint for pools, labs, manufacturing centers, etc.

Here is why antimicrobial additives like BioCote® are so important.

Microbe Protection

Microbes are not always bad for humans. In fact, we need some forms of microbes to survive. Some microbes, however, can make humans and animals sick and even kill them.

Antimicrobial additives give walls, floors, doors, etc., a way to ward off microbes, which cover everything on and around us. This includes harmful bacteria, mold, fungi, and other microbes that can corrode a coating, create bad odors, or stain surfaces.


Paint and other coatings take a non-stop beating. Think about the pool finishes you have seen in your lifetime. The paint or coating in a pool is subjected to sunlight, harsh chemicals, body oils, and much more.

Antimicrobial additives can help a pool coating fight off microbes like mold or fungi. Not only is it aesthetically beneficial, but it means the pool coating will last longer because it is subjected to less contaminates that degrades it.


As mentioned, some microbes can be harmful and even deadly to ourselves and our pets. Sometimes, as with the case of mold, they do not directly make a person sick but, at some point, in their lifecycle, produce substances that do.

Antimicrobial additives help fight substances like mold. These additives also thwart more serious microbes, like harmful bacteria that can sicken and even kill a person. When used in an environment that is prone to microbes, antimicrobial coatings help fight toxins and reduce the microbial load a person is subjected to in their daily lives.

Cost-Effective Benefit

The economics on antimicrobial additives weighs heavily in favor of using them, especially when the benefit is less mold, mildew, fungi, and harmful bacteria.

While antimicrobial additives make regular paint more expensive, the benefits gained in protecting property, employees, or family members make it a great investment.

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