January 11, 2019

It’s Time for A Mid-Winter Pool Check-Up!

Pool season may seem far away, but you’ll be opening up your swimming pool again in no time. When spring arrives, do you want a clear, sparkling oasis that’s ready for a dip — or a swamp in-the-making? A little extra maintenance during the wintertime can make a big difference. As you perform a mid-winter pool check-up this year, remember to:

Test the Water Chemistry

It’s normal for the chemistry of your pool to change while it’s covered up during the winter. Use a water test kit, and take a sample from approximately one foot below the surface of the water. You may need to introduce more winterizing chemicals to restore a balanced chemistry and get rid of any bacteria that’s begun to grow.

Ensure Your Pool Cover Is Secure

A pool cover helps to secure your pool against dirt, debris, and winter storms. A safety cover can also protect it from accidental intrusion. As the season passes, you should periodically check the perimeter of your cover for any sign that it has shifted. If water is weighing it down, then remove it with a cover pump. You can also clear away heavier debris with a rake or pool skimmer net.

Clear Out Your Filtration System

Many pool owners run their pump for a few hours a day to keep the water circulating and make it less hospitable to algae, bacteria, and mosquitoes. Make sure that your filtration system runs properly by cleaning out any leaves and debris from your pool pump basket and skimmer basket.

Check for Frozen Pipes

With each consecutive day of freezing cold weather, permafrost can more deeply penetrate the soil. That cold may reach your pool plumbing, causing spiderweb cracks. If you see these cracks, then you need to replace your pipes before opening your pool in the spring.

Do a Quick Clean-Up

Once your swimming pool is in good shape, turn your attention to the space surrounding it. For instance, you can trim back overhanging tree branches or clear away debris that has fallen around the pool area.

Is Your Pool Ready for a Makeover?

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