November 6, 2018

Inground Spas vs. Portable Hot Tubs: Which Should You Choose?

The best time to add a hot tub to your property is when you are installing a beautiful new inground pool in your backyard. You may be surprised to find out that there are two common styles, each with their own pros and cons.

  • Inground Spas are built into the ground alongside your new pool.
  • Portable Hot Tubs are above-ground, self-contained, and filled with a garden hose.

Here are a few questions to consider when you choose between these two options!

How Would You Like Your Yard to Look?

Since an inground spa is custom-built as part of your swimming pool, you have total control over its design. You can choose different swimming pool finishes, colors, shapes, and sizes! A portable hot tub comes premade, so it won’t be as perfectly integrated into your backyard.

What’s Your Budget Like?

Overall, portable hot tubs tend to be a more cost-effective choice during the initial purchase, the ongoing operation, and any necessary maintenance.

Where Would You Like Your Hot Tub to Be Located?

Inground spas must be placed directly beside your swimming pool, while a portable hot tub can be located in anywhere, even right beside your home. The location of your hot tub doesn’t sound like a big deal…until you’re crossing the yard in a swimsuit on a cold winter night.

Are You Planning to Move Soon?

You can’t take your inground spa with you any more than you can pack up your pool in a U-haul. A portable hot tub, on the other hand, can come with you from home to home.

What Features Would You Prefer?

Both of these options can have added features like a stereo system or stylish LED lighting. Of course, there is more flexibility with a custom-build inground spa. You can even add a waterfall or fountain!

Are You Very Safety-Minded?

Generally speaking, inground pools are safer to climb into than an above-ground hot tub. This is especially helpful for children and seniors.

Start Planning Your Dream Backyard!

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