July 14, 2017

Fun Summer Pool Activities for Your Next Party

Now that it’s summer, schools are out, adults are starting to take vacation time, and most importantly, the swimming pool finish has been applied! If your kids and friends have been itching to get into the pool, don’t make them wait one more second! Now is the perfect time for a summer pool party. Check out our list of a few games that both kids and adults will love!

  • Noodle jousting. A favorite of both the younger and older set, challenge your friends and family to a battle with pool noodles! Instead of riding horses, the opponents can climb aboard their trusty floaties before heading into battle. Just be sure to wear protective goggles, and make sure that your swimming pool resurfacing is up to date so no one gets hurt!
  • Pool ping pong. Pool ping pong is a simple game, but it can occupy guests for hours at your party! Kids love pool ping pong because they can hit the balls as hard as they want, and adults love it because they don’t need to keep bending down to pick up the balls! Simply grab a few water-safe paddles and a pack of ping pong balls, and go to town.
  • The Greasy Watermelon. This summer classic is more for the kids, but even teenagers and fun-loving adults can be convinced to try out the fun! Divide the party into two teams, then throw a watermelon rubbed with about an entire jar of petroleum jelly into the center of the pool. Teams score a point when one of their members manages to hang onto the watermelon long enough to touch the side of the pool. The first team to make it to ten points wins – but be warned, grabbing and keeping the watermelon is much harder than you might think, so this game can go for hours!

Those are three of the most fun pool activities you can do with your family this summer. We can make it all possible here at ecoFINISH® with our beautiful and durable pool finishes. To learn more about our pool resurfacing products, give us a call at 1-800-704-4167.