September 21, 2016

How to Get Your Pool Ready for the Winter

It’s that time of year again. The one where you have to start saying goodbye to your pool before you shut it down for a long winter nap. Since one of the hottest summers on record just recently passed, your pool deserves a break until next year. At ecoFINISH®, we’re all about pools. We can provide you with products like swimming pool coatings, pool finishes, and more, to make sure your swimming hole looks beautiful and remains durable. We also know how you can shut your pool down this year to make sure it’s ready for next year. Here is how to get your pool ready for the winter:

1.    Balance the water chemistry – When the chemicals stay in balance throughout the winter, this equilibrium protects the pool from corrosion. This process involves adjusting the alkalinity, p, and calcium hardness, which should be adjusted to their correct levels about five days before you close the pool. You should also shock the pool and add extra-strength algaecide for the winter.

2.    Clean the pool – This is a given, but it’s also definitely one of the most important steps. Make sure you clean the pool before you close it down. Take everything out of the pool that isn’t water, skim the surface and vacuum the bottom to remove all debris. Then, clean and completely drain the filter. Clean it the same day you shut it down for the best results.

3.    Lower the level of the water – Remember to lower the level of the water because it tends to freeze in the winter (I wonder why?) which causes it to expand, potentially causing damage like cracks, breaks and chips. Drain the water (but not all the way), and also drain the equipment.

4.    Cover the pool – Last but not least, cover the pool with a blanket (but make sure it’s waterproof). That’s right, you’ll need a winter cover to protect your pool from the seasonal elements.

These tips will help keep your pool intact. At ecoFINISH®, we provide products like residential and commercial pool resurfacing that will also keep your pool strong and sturdy. To learn more about how to keep your pool strong this winter, contact us at 1-800-704-4167.