March 1, 2016

4 Tips to Help Prepare Your Outdoor Pool for the Summer Season

Although our business primarily involves the selling and distributing of high-performance swimming pool finishes, that doesn’t mean that we don’t know anything about properly taking care of swimming pools. In fact, with the 2016 spring and summer seasons on the horizon, we thought it would be a great idea to share some tips that will help pool owners (residential or commercial) make sure that their pools are ready to go once it gets warm enough to swim.

1. Remove Leaves & Other Winter Debris Before You Take off the Cover.

It is not unusual for you to find debris on top of your pool cover. If there is, it is important that you remove as much of it as you can so it does not fall into your pool. What’s more, if there is water on top of your pool cover, you should make it a priority to pump it out, as well.

2. Check the Water Level Immediately After You Remove the Cover.

Once the cover is removed, you should check the water level. Having the proper water level is important because it enables the pool’s pump (the heart of its circulation system) to do its job effectively—get your pool clean enough for swimmers.

3. Before You Turn the Pump on, Make Sure It Appears to be in Working Order.

Even though this sounds like a no-brainer, you would be surprised how many people neglect their pump. Before you hit the “On” switch, you should double-check that all of your pool’s equipment appears to be in working order. This means that you will have to check hoses, filters, and the pump itself. Doing this is important because the last thing you need is to turn the pump on, let the water circulate for a day or two, and then discover that it has done absolutely nothing to clean your pool.

4. Check & Correct (If Necessary) the Pool’s pH Level.

8-12 hours after you let your pump circulate the water, you should always check your pool’s pH level, and keep doing so every week that it’s open! Having the proper ph Level will help guarantee a swimmer’s safety, keep your pool water looking great, and your equipment functioning properly.

In the end, opening your pool either in the spring or early summer, should be a low-stress task. And, this is especially true if you took the proper steps to close your pool before the winter season began!