March 1, 2016

4 Tips to Help Prepare Your Outdoor Pool for the Summer Season

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As summer approaches, you might be eyeing your neglected outdoor pool, wondering where to start on its revival. Every year, pools need a good wake-up call after the colder months. This article offers four easy tips that will guide you through prepping your pool for those sunny days ahead.

Get ready to dive back into fun!

1. Remove and Clean Pool Cover

Take off the pool cover and clean it. You want to make sure that the top and bottom of the cover are clear of leaves, debris, and water. Once it’s clean, put it away until next winter.

Look at your pool now that the cover is off. You should then determine if you need to adjust the water level, and begin to clear out anything like dead leaves or twigs floating around. You’ll want to clean up the surface before doing anything with chemicals or filters.

A pool cover on top of an inground swimming pool.

2. Check Technical Installation

After removing and cleaning the pool cover, it’s crucial to check the technical installation of your outdoor pool. Inspect the pool filter and ensure it is clean and functioning properly.

Also, examine the pumps, heaters, and any other equipment to make sure everything is in good working condition for the summer season. Additionally, checking for any leaks or damages in the plumbing system is essential before proceeding with further preparations.

By ensuring that all technical aspects are in top shape, you can set a strong foundation for enjoying your outdoor pool throughout the summer months.

3. Improve Water Quality

Once the technical installation has been checked and maintained, it’s crucial to focus on improving water quality as part of preparing your outdoor pool for the summer season. Testing the water for proper balance of chemicals like chlorine, oxidizer, and salt is essential to ensure safe and clean swimming conditions.

Disinfecting your pool with salt electrolysis is a simple and effective way to maintain water quality. By using this method, you can avoid the strong smell of chlorine and reduce skin and eye irritation that traditional chlorine treatments can cause.

Ensuring proper maintenance of outdoor pools during the summer season includes embracing modern methods such as salt electrolysis for disinfection. With its ability to provide consistent sanitation while minimizing chemical handling and potential irritations, it’s an essential step in preparing your outdoor pool for enjoyable summer swimming experiences.

4. Wait for Water to Clear

Once the pool is cleaned, chemicals balanced, and necessary treatments applied, it’s time to wait for the water to clear. This process may take a few days, especially if the pool has been closed for an extended period. During this waiting period, refrain from using the pool to allow the water circulation system to work effectively in distributing chemicals and maintaining the water balance.

Regularly check the water clarity, and if needed, perform additional water tests and adjustments. Waiting for the water to clear ensures that your outdoor pool is not only visually appealing but also safe for swimming. It allows the chemicals to take full effect, providing a clean pool for a refreshing summer experience.

Pool equipment and chemicals next to an inground swimming pool.

Bonus Tips for Preparing Your Pool for Summer

We hope you’ve enjoyed our four tips to help you prepare your pool for the summer. As an added bonus, we’ve decided to include some bonus tips! Follow these for even more details about pool preparations.

Don’t Empty Pool

Avoid draining the pool for summer preparation. Keeping water in the pool helps maintain the pool structure and prevents damage. Draining can lead to structural problems, like cracks or even debris collapsing into an empty pool, creating more work to prepare it.

Leaving water in ensures that the weight of the water keeps the pool intact and prevents any damage from occurring during warmer months. It also saves time as you won’t need to refill it completely before use.

Top Off Water

Check the water level of your outdoor pool after removing the cover. Using a garden hose, add water to bring it up to the proper level for swimming. Monitoring and maintaining the correct water level is crucial to ensure optimal pool functioning during the summer season.

Remember that adding water helps in ensuring a safe and enjoyable swimming experience while also preventing potential damage to your pool equipment. Keeping an eye on the water level is one simple yet essential step in preparing your outdoor pool for summer fun.


Get your outdoor pool ready for summer by following these essential steps. By cleaning and inspecting your pool, testing and balancing chemicals, and ensuring proper water quality, you can enjoy a safe and refreshing swimming experience.

Remember to take off the pool cover carefully, top off the water level, and clear any debris before treating it with the right chemicals. Following these simple tips will help you prepare your outdoor pool for a delightful summer season of fun in the sun!

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