Since its inception, ecoFINISH® has become the fastest-growing manufacturer of flame-sprayed polymer coatings for industrial and pool use. ecoFINISH® Dealers can be found on five continents, with over 250 installers in 60 countries. We recognize that different markets require needs, and our team of experienced trainers and technicians are here to support you. Whether you are an installer, architect, or final client, we remain committed to quality and continue to invest in innovation in our creation of beautiful, functional, long-lasting solutions.

Aquatic Coatings

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Aquatic Coatings by ecoFINISH®

We have a wide range of color options that can be used on concrete, fiberglass and metal substrates.

In addition to our wide range of blue and grey finishes, we’ve created unique, beautiful colors inspired by beaches around the world, from the pink coral sands of Indonesia and Barbuda, the black sands of Santorini and Hawaii, to the exotic olivine sands of Ecuador, Norway, and Guam. So whether your style is classic and traditional, or if you want to create a paradise getaway in your own backyard, our wide range of colors lets you have a pool that is distinctly yours.

Of course,  there’s more to picking a coating than just the color swatch. Our water color selector lets you select a finish based on the water color appearance you would like to achieve. Water will appear to be lighter, and the coating color will be more prominent in shallow areas like steps, sun shelves and benches, and other egress and ingress point. These subtle changes are part of the beauty and uniqueness of your pool.

Overhead shot of workers using a weed burner to test the pool's surface temperature.
Scenic view of a free-form inground pool in a beautiful backyard on a sunny day.
An aerial perspective of an unoccupied public swimming pool located adjacent to a road, waiting for visitors on a quiet day.
The start of an in-ground pool construction project with workers on site.
Aerial perspective of a packed public swimming pool from above.


ecoFINISH offers various colors for all your aquatic needs! Take a look at some of our samples.

Blue Granite


Blue Mist


Kona Coast




California White


Commercial White


Industrial Coatings by ecoFINISH®

Corrosion Protection PLUS. ecoFINISH® ecoDUSTRIAL™ Coatings provide a completely different approach to corrosion protection over that of traditional paint and epoxy coatings in both product material and in their application method. ecoDUSTRIAL™ coatings are thermoplastic polymeric powder coating finishes applied utilizing the ecoFINISH® thermal flame spray installation process. The process is completely portable, and combined with the patented ecoFINISH® installation process, makes it possible for a superior powder coating surface to be applied to virtually any surface regardless of type, size, or location.

Benefits of ecoDUSTRIAL™

  • BioCote® Antimicrobial
  • Environmentally Responsible
  • Stencil Marking Capable
  • pH Neutral – non-reactive surface
  • Easy to clean – pressure wash durable
  • NSF-61 Potable Water Safe Certification – suitable for food preparation/packaging locations
  • Safety – Slip Resistant / Non-Skid
  • Impact Resistant
  • Wear Resistant
  • Outstanding UV Resistance
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Flexible (Crack Resistant)
Aquaspada text overlay on a photo of a swimming pool.

AquaSpada by ecoFINISH®

AquaSpada is an advanced pool treatment product that offers several benefits. It eliminates contaminants in two ways, leading to cleaner water. By using AquaSpada, pool owners can significantly reduce their dependence on chlorine and other chemicals by up to 90%. It also clarifies water by removing suspended particles, resulting in clear pool water. AquaSpada simplifies water balancing by eliminating excess acids and makes maintenance easier. Additionally, it cleans scale and biofilm from pool surfaces, pipes, and equipment, extending their lifespan. AquaSpada also protects pool surfaces from scale and staining. Overall, AquaSpada is a valuable solution for pool owners, providing improved water quality and simplified maintenance.
Image illustrating the benefits of AquaSpada, an advanced pool treatment product, including contaminant elimination, reduced chemical dependence, water clarification, simplified maintenance, and equipment protection.


AquaSpada keeps the swimming environment cleaner, healthier, and more attractive, reducing the need for pool owners to spend significant time with a brush in hand.

How it works: H₂O goes into the AquaSpada and it super bursts into a bunch of bubbles causing it to go from a liquid to a vapor and back to liquid. The new liquid that is formed is called H₃O⁺(structured water). H₃O⁺ has different properties than H₂O. It's highly exclusive and forms on hydrophilic surfaces such as pool surfaces and equipment. When the H₃O⁺ comes out of the AquaSpada it bonds to the pool’s surfaces and equipment creating a barrier that makes scaling more difficult to occur.