March 29, 2021

Blog Spotlight: Here’s a Brief Glimpse of polyFIBRO®

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polyFIBRO® is a scientifically formulated aquatic coating designed to tackle the issues of traditional gel coat finishes. This thermo-polymer coating is long lasting and does not chip, peel or crack like traditional gel-coat and paint finishes. Whether renovating an existing fiberglass pool or building a new one, polyFIBRO® is both aesthetically appealing and makes maintaining your pool easier!

Pool coated with polyFIBRO® in Ice Ice Bay Bay by Mirage Pools and Spas
Pool coated with polyFIBRO® in Ice Ice Bay Bay by Mirage Pools and Spas

Benefits of polyFIBRO®

Less Downtime, More Durability

Why wait to fill your pool? As soon as the final coat of polyFIBRO® is cool to the touch you can fill your pool! polyFIBRO® has a quick cure time, which means there’s less chance of your pool lifting due to leaving your fiberglass pool empty for an extended period of time. Reapplying your gel coat can take days, leaving your pool at risk from ground water and your pool surface at risk from sun damage. Where traditional gel coat finishes fail, polyFIBRO® prevails. polyFIBRO® is highly durable and will resist chipping, blistering, flaking, chalking, and peeling.

Chemical Resistant and pH Neutral

polyFIBRO® aquatic coatings work hard to protect your investment. polyFIBRO® coatings form a pH neutral barrier between the fiberglass of your pool and the water. This means that unbalanced pool chemistry cannot cause damage to the fiberglass shell. Additionally, this pH neutral barrier allows you to use significantly less chemicals to balance your water. Less chemicals, not only means it’s easier on your wallet, but less harsh on your hair and skin as well. Additionally, polyFIBRO® coatings don’t disrupt the pH of the water unlike other fiberglass pool finishes.

Wide Range of Versatile Colors

No matter what color you are looking for, polyFIBRO® has you covered. Re-gel coating a pool limits you to light colors: white, tan, light grey, etc…polyFIBRO® however can be applied in any color. Choose any color from our standard ecoFINISH color palette or create a custom color.

Easy to Repair

New high gloss and multi-dimensional gel coats are usually only installed on new factory fiberglass pools. This means that there is no way to repair any damage that may happen during installation, transport, and every day usage.  Contrary to conventional coatings, polyFIBRO® finishes are easily repairable.

polyFIBRO® coatings combine function with fashion to create an aesthetically beautiful and easily maintainable pool. Coating your pool with a polyFIBRO® aquatic coating means that there is no limits to your pool. polyFIBRO® coatings are chemical resistant, easy to repair, highly durable, and available in a wide variety of colors. Still have questions? Contact us today to find a polyFIBRO® installer near you!