June 19, 2020

3 In-Pool Additions to Attract the Crowd This Summer

Do you want your commercial swimming pool to be the most popular in town? Well, of course, you do! We’re here to help you make your dream come true. These three simple in-pool additions are guaranteed to bring and keep the crowds coming through your gates come summer. 

Side Spa

No matter what type of crowd your commercial pool attracts, whether young, old, or anywhere in between, the side spa is universally loved by all. Not only is it a place of complete pleasure and relaxation, but it also offers amazing health benefits. Spa baths are known to boost cardiovascular health, lower blood pressure, alleviate aches and pains, and reduce stress. 

Of course, these benefits are aimed more so towards adults. Kids just love having a hot tub to step into whenever they please. 

Pool Slides

How do you keep the young ones engaged with endless fun for hours and their parents happy on the sidelines? With a set of fun water slides! There’s no better way to create summertime memories that last forever and encourage a little bit of healthy physical activity along the way.

When installing a new pool slide, you can pick one style from a few different options or choose a fun combination instead!

  • Straight Leg Slide: This is probably what popped into your head when you read the word “slide.” A straight leg slide is the most traditional style, with a body that is straight almost all the way through, except for the slight outward curve at the bottom. These slides are perfect for pools of all shapes and sizes. 
  • Molded Leg Slide: If you’re looking for a slide with a surprise finish, you’ll find it with the molded leg slide. This style builds on the straight leg slide, starting out straight and curving either left or right at the bottom. 
  • Elephant Leg Slide: The perfect way to give your commercial pool the feel of a waterpark is by installing the elephant leg slide. This is the curviest design of all, as the slide is twisted in the shape of a corkscrew. While this slide is certainly the most fun, it’s not suitable for every pool. You’ll need lots of space in and out of the pool to fit this slide, a style that is normally a bit larger than other models. 

Beach Entry

You probably wouldn’t consider a beach entry to be a huge attraction, but some customers love the look of this feature! It adds to the aesthetic appeal, as beach entry pools are often regarded as more luxurious.

Of course, these additions won’t mean anything if your pool isn’t in pristine condition to begin with. Make sure every inch of your pool is flawless by using ecoFINISH pool coatings, namely aquaBRIGHT and polyFIBRO®,  to resurface your swimming pool. We use the highest-quality pool finishes that are long-lasting and incredibly beautiful to behold. Contact us today with any questions.