January 14, 2020

Is It Time to Resurface Your Commercial Pool?

The beauty of a commercial pool is that it’s kept in near perfect condition to keep the public safe and happy during hot summer days. However, a pool that’s falling apart at the seams isn’t going to attract any new customers. Since we’re almost halfway through the off-season, the time is prime to resurface your pool. But how do you know your commercial pool needs to be resurfaced? Here are the signs to watch out for. 

Permanent Stains

A pool with a large permanent stain isn’t very appealing to look at or swim in. Unfortunately, most pool finishes stain over time when they’re exposed to debris, chemicals, algae, and a host of other items that cause staining. If you’ve been scrubbing away at your pool floor with no success of removing the stain, it’s time to resurface with polyFIBRO® or aquaBRIGHT™ finishes. Our exclusive products are built to resist organic stains and imperfections. 

Erosion Marks

An erosion mark will often disguise itself as a stain, but you can quickly tell the difference when you run your hand over it. When pool water constantly washes over a specific spot, the friction causes the coating to dissolve or deteriorate at a faster rate. If you don’t mind the look of the blemish, you’ll surely want to correct the rough spot it has left behind for the safety of your swimmers by resurfacing your pool. 

Leaking Water

Whenever you find a leak, it’s a sure sign that your property is in need of repairs. Your pool can start leaking if there’s a crack in the coating or the foundation, whether from damage, poor installation, or deterioration with time. It’s imperative to resurface your pool as soon as possible to prevent any more water loss. In a short amount of time, it will cost you more to continue refilling your pool water than to have it resurfaced. 

Rough Patches

Whether you’re sitting in a beach entry pool or walking about the perimeter, the last thing you want to feel is a rough floor scuffing up your skin. It’s not an enjoyable experience for you or your swimmers. Rough patches are a natural consequence of your pool aging; as the surface deteriorates, it loses its beautiful smooth polish. To keep your swimmers safe and restore your pool’s aestheticism, you should consider resurfacing. 

ecoFINISH offers the leading products in aquatic coatings. Our cutting edge polyFIBRO® and aquaBRIGHT™ coatings are long-lasting, stain-resistant, and don’t require a complicated installation process. To learn more or schedule a polyFIBRO® or aquaBRIGHT™ installation, contact us today.