December 6, 2018

Avoid These 6 Common Mistakes When Building Your Pool!

Summer might feel far away right now, but we’ll be back to hot and sunny days in no time. That’s why you should start thinking about how to build your beautiful new pool while the snow is still falling.

Just remember to avoid these common pool-building mistakes…

Focusing More on Appearance Than Function

How will you use your pool? If you love to entertain, then you might want a waterfall, mood lighting, and other exciting features. In contrast, if you’re building a pool that’s for family and friends, then safety should be your number one concern. Decide on your pool’s purpose before you start talking to contractors.

Choosing an Inconvenient Location

The ideal location for most pools is relatively close to the home. This location offers more privacy and greater convenience. It also allows you to use the space in your yard efficiently. Finally, you’ll spend a lot less time skimming leaves off the water’s surface if your pool is placed in an area that’s clear of trees.

Ignoring Safety Issues

Do you have young children or pets? What about older family members who aren’t so sure on their feet? Or teenagers who don’t always keep safety in mind? A variety of features will make your pool a little safer for everyone. Options range from handrails and anti-slip pool finishes to pool fences and alarms.

Insisting on a Diving Board

If you want a diving board, then you need a deep end. This costs more than a smaller, shallow-only design, leads to more safety issues, and might cause your homeowners’ insurance to go up. Plus, many pool owners find that the deep end gets significantly less use than the shallow end.

Forgetting the Cost of Ownership

When you’re putting together a budget, don’t just count the upfront investment for installing your pool. You should also consider its ongoing operating costs. Talk to your builder. You may find that spending more initially will save you money in the long run.

Choosing the Wrong Builder

Building a new pool is tough enough without an inexperienced or untrustworthy contractor running your project. Fortunately, our certified ecoFINISH® installers are a step above the competition. They know how to create a pool with a beautiful, durable, high-end aquatic finish.

Find an ecoFINISH® installer today, or give us a call at 1-800-704-4167 to ask about our pool finish installation process.