October 11, 2018

Farewell Summer! Now is the Time to Close Your Inground Pool.

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Swimming pool owners in colder regions need to start preparing their pools for winter. Closing your inground pool correctly is crucial to ensure it remains in good condition. Follow these tips from the experts at ecoFINISH® to properly close your pool for winter:

  • Thoroughly clean your pool water by removing debris and using a skimmer net.
  • Lower the water level to prevent freezing and potential damage.
  • Add winterizing chemicals to prevent algae growth.
  • Winterize your equipment by draining water and using antifreeze in the pipes.
  • Cover your pool with a winter pool cover or safety cover to keep out debris and protect against accidents.
  • Regularly check on your closed pool throughout the winter to ensure the water remains clean and free of issues.
  • Consider pool renovations and upgrades during the offseason to enhance your pool for the next summer.

Proper Pool Maintenance for Winter

During the winter season, it’s crucial to prioritize proper maintenance for your closed pool to prevent any issues and ensure it’s ready for reopening in the spring. By following a pool maintenance checklist and implementing necessary winterization measures, you can protect your pool and keep it in optimal condition. Here are some essential pool maintenance tasks to keep in mind:

  • Regularly monitor the water level to ensure it stays within the recommended range. Changes in temperature can cause water levels to fluctuate, so it’s important to keep an eye on it.
  • Remove any debris that may accumulate on the pool cover, such as leaves or branches. This will prevent them from finding their way into the pool and causing potential clogs or damage to the equipment.
  • Regularly check the pool equipment, including the pump and filter, to ensure they’re in good working condition. Clean or replace filters as necessary to maintain proper circulation and filtration.
  • Test the water periodically and maintain proper chemical balance by adding winterizing chemicals if necessary. This helps prevent algae growth and keeps the water clean and balanced during the winter months.
  • Take preventive measures to avoid algae growth, such as using algaecide and keeping the water properly balanced. Algae can thrive in still water, so it’s essential to stay on top of maintenance to prevent any issues.

Additionally, it’s important to check on your closed pool periodically throughout the winter to ensure the water remains clean and free of any issues. By following these pool maintenance tips, you can ensure that your pool is well-maintained during the offseason and ready for enjoyment when warmer weather returns.

Remember: Proper pool maintenance during the winter season is essential to prevent any damage or complications. By following a pool maintenance checklist and implementing necessary winterization measures, you can protect your investment and ensure a smooth reopening in the spring.

Worker wearing a mask and using a controlled flame for surface treatment on an in-ground pool.

Revitalize Your Pool with ecoFINISH Pool Finish

While your pool is closed for the winter, it’s the perfect time to consider transforming and upgrading your pool with ecoFINISH pool finish. With ecoFINISH, you can turn your worn-out pool into a magnificent backyard oasis that will impress your family and friends.

Not only does ecoFINISH provide aesthetic beauty, but it also offers exceptional durability and requires minimal maintenance. Designed to withstand harsh winter conditions, ecoFINISH protects your pool throughout the offseason. This means you can feel confident that your pool will be ready for summer when the time comes.

Additionally, ecoFINISH ensures a safer pool environment with slip-resistant finishes, reducing the risk of accidents. By choosing ecoFINISH, you’re not only enhancing the appearance of your pool but also improving its safety. With its durability, customizable options, and ability to transform your pool into a stunning backyard oasis, ecoFINISH is the perfect choice for revitalizing your pool this winter.