October 11, 2018

Farewell Summer! Now is the Time to Close Your Inground Pool.

Swimming pool owners who live up north are getting ready to say goodbye to the summertime and start preparing their pools for the winter ahead. If you own a pool, then you should close it before temperatures dip below freezing to avoid any ice forming.

If you just toss a cover on top and forget about it, though, your stunning swimming pool will turn into a swamp before next spring. So here are a few tips for closing your pool this year from the team at ecoFINISH®, your pool finish installation experts!

Thoroughly Clean Your Water

Pool water isn’t filtered or chemically treated during the winter, so don’t leave debris to stew all season. Instead, use a skimmer net to remove dirt and leaves, and take out any removable pool equipment.

Lower the Water Level

Water that’s too high can freeze and damage your pool, but draining your pool too much could cause your pool to become unstable and “pop up” a foot or two. The right water level for your pool primarily depends on your liner.

Add the Right Chemicals

Unless you want an algae community to form in your pool water, it is essential to add winterizing chemicals like phosphate remover to your pool to help prevent algae bloom.

Winterize The Equipment

Use a wet-dry vacuum to remove water from your underground pipes, heater, pump, and filter. Otherwise, that water could freeze and cause fractures in your equipment. You may also choose to place antifreeze in the pipes.

Cover It Up!

A winter pool cover will keep out leaves, snow, and other debris. For more security, you can also purchase a safety cover. This firmly-anchored cover will keep people and pets from falling inside.

Check In Regularly

Once your pool is properly closed for the winter, don’t wait until spring to open it up again! Peek under the cover once every month to make sure the water is still looking clean.

Start Dreaming of Next Summer

Now that you’re done swimming for the summer, now is an excellent time to consider whether your home pool could use a makeover. At ecoFINISH®, we offer gorgeous swimming pool finishes that will transform your beat-up pool into a backyard oasis. Call 1-800-704-4167 to find out more, or find an ecoFINISH® installer near you!