August 21, 2018

7 Surprising Ways to Repurpose Your Old Pool Noodles

At ecoFINISH®, we know how to take a beat-up swimming pool and make it brand new again with our beautiful pool finishes. Recently, we have also discovered several ways to transform your old pool noodles.

Craft a Floating Table

Take a plastic container. Cut up your pool noodle into pieces that are roughly the length of its sides. Then, use a rope to fit those pieces around the container snugly. It’s the perfect place to store your drinks, sunscreen, and any extra items that you want to keep in easy reach.

Add Armrests to Your Outdoor Furniture

Is your lawn chair less-than-cozy? Make it more comfortable for lounging by the poolside! Just slice into a pool noodle, and you can easily wrap it around the arms of your outdoor furniture.

Create Your Own Sprinkler

Cut off a small section of your pool noodle, then stuff it inside and use duct tape to seal off that end of the noodle. Poke a few holes in the noodle’s sides with a kebab skewer, then connect your garden hose. Voila! You have created a simple sprinkler.

Come Up with a New Game

You don’t have to pick up the latest toy to keep your kids entertained. All you need is a little imagination. With duct tape, a few pool noodles, and a beach ball, your kids can play a game of basketball that is perfect for the summer.

Neatly Store Your Tall Boots

Let’s forget about the pool (and the outdoors…and even the summer) for a minute. Do you own any tall boots that flop over when you put them in your closet? Place a section of pool noodle inside, and your boots will keep their shape.

Decorate Your Home

You might be surprised to find out that a lot of people are making cool furniture out of pool noodles, from wreaths for your front door to basic footstools and surprisingly elegant accent pieces.

Make a Paintbrush Holder

While you’re redecorating your home, paint a few walls! You can create a pool noodle paintbrush holder that wraps around the side of your bucket. Just cut a few slices in the noodle, and your brushes will fit snugly inside.

Can You Think of a Unique Pool Noodle DIY?

At ecoFINISH®, we love to see people having fun in their new pools. If you are interested in giving your pool a lovely new look with a fresh swimming pool coating, then contact us today!