January 23, 2018

Three Ways to Take Better Care of Your Pool in the Coming Year

If you’re a homeowner with a pool, and you haven’t been taking as much care as you should be to ensure that your pool stays clean and healthy, you’re certainly not alone. Most pool owners confess to not cleaning their pool as often as recommended, especially in the summertime. If you’ve just installed a new pool, and you’re looking for the best ways to keep it clean and healthy, or if you’re a long-time pool owner looking to improve your pool maintenance in the coming year, take these three tips to leave you with a pool that looks and feels better, as well as lasts longer:


  • Clean the pool at least once a week. Most pool companies recommend that you clean your pool a minimum of once a week. Make sure to use clean skimmer baskets to avoid re-introducing bacteria and debris to the pool, and use a vacuum to suck up dirt and leaves that have sunk to the bottom of the pool.
  • Do a better inspection.When it comes time to close the pool in the fall, don’t just throw the cover over and call it a day. Perform a thorough inspection, looking for any types of cracks, damage, or leaks that need to be addressed and get the repairs that you need before closing the pool for the winter, as cold weather is likely to make the issues worsen.
  • Consider resurfacing. Is the bottom floor of your pool not looking as good as it used to be? A qualified pool refinishing and resurfacing company can give you the touch of luxury back to your pool as well as give you a fresh start to keep your pool in shape.

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