November 16, 2017

Three Things to Remember to Do When You Close Your Pool

The kids are dragging their feet while going to school, pumpkin spice has taken over coffee shops across the state, and the temperature is getting lower every day – there’s no doubt that fall has officially arrived and winter is drawing near. Though it might feel like the sunny, summer days were here just a second ago, it’s now time to close up your pool for the winter to make sure that it’s ready for a season of fun next year. Have you officially closed your pool but now you’re not sure what to do until spring? Here are three ways to make sure that you’ll be setting yourself up for an easy opening once springtime rolls back around:

  • Thoroughly clean the pool. The better you clean the pool now, the less work you’ll have to do when you open it back up. So, do your future self a quick favor and thoroughly clean any remaining algae and debris that may have gotten caught in your pool this year, and don’t forget to clean leaves out of the drain and pool as well.
  • Protect it from the elements. If you haven’t applied a swimming pool coating yet to help keep your pool safe from the elements and looking new, now is the perfect time to do so. A new pool coating will better help to seal the pool throughout the offseason, leaving you with a new-looking swimming pool next year.
  • Plug the lines. Don’t forget to use freeze plugs on all of your skimmers, returns, and cleaner lines! Winter can get pretty chilly, and you don’t want to deal with a frozen blowout when spring comes.

Ready to make sure that your pool is safe and ready-to-use when you open it up again? Give ecoFINISH® a call today at 800-704-4167 for the swimming pool resurfacing and repair that you need ahead of the winter season to ensure that your family will have a pool that looks and feels brand new next year! By taking care of your pool throughout the cold season, you’ll thank yourself by the time next summer rolls around. Contact our team at ecoFINISH® to learn more tips that will help keep you and your family safe and healthy all year!