September 5, 2017

3 Tips That Will Make Choosing a Pool Finish Color Easier

Are you a homeowner who just had a pool installed? Maybe you’re in the finishing stages and need to decide on the pool finish color. Many people find that choosing their pool finish color is a tough decision. Some people have an idea in mind, while others are completely lost about which color to choose. Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum, our team at ecoFINISH® can help you choose a great pool finish color with these three great tips.

1. Use a picture as your guide.

Finding a picture is a great place to start. There are many to choose from online as well as in books or magazines. We suggest finding five that you like, then spending a couple of days looking at them and seeing which speak most to your preferences. You can then narrow down your options to the top three. Once you’ve got your top three, check in with your pool builder to see if they have any suggestions, and to see which color they can match the closest. At ecoFINISH®, we specialize in helping pool owners find exactly the right swimming pool coating for their individual tastes.

2. Look at the surroundings.

It’s always a good idea, from an aesthetic point of view, to blend your pool coating color with the color of the pool tile and the paving around it. While the colors don’t need to match exactly, it’s always good to have a general color scheme that you can work with so that the end result is a calm, connected integration of design and hue. If you want your pool to have a more earthy feel, then choose natural tones that blend with the environment. If, on the other hand, you want your pool to stand out, then choose a bright or contrasting color to achieve that effect.

3. Think about size.

Consider the size of the pool that you’re working with. At ecoFINISH, we suggest taking a good look at the size of your pool before applying a swimming pool finish. In our experience, light colored pools look bigger when they are tucked into smaller areas. Darker colored pools look more defined in their surroundings.

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