June 19, 2017

4 Reasons You Should Have Your Commercial Pool Resurfaced

It’s easy for pools to become run-down and look as if they have lost their luster. Especially if you own a commercial pool, it is important that your pool looks as good as new in order to keep your current patrons coming back and also to attract new customers.

New pool finishes can replace the old paint or plaster finish that your pool had before and rejuvenate it for years to come. Here are some reasons to get your pool resurfaced and make it good as new:

1. Your pool will look cleaner and shinier

One of the greatest appeals of pools is when they look shiny and clear. It attracts people to the pool and makes them want to go swimming more than a foggy, dull looking pool would. Getting a new finish installed on your pool will make it look more sophisticated and sleek for a longer period of time.


2. Your pH will be less of an issue

As pools become dirtier, the pH balance and chlorine levels can become an issue. Getting a new finish on your pool will remove the need for frequent pH checks and expensive renovations and replacements, especially if you get your pool resurfaced with ecoFINISH®’s thermal plastic aquaBRIGHT™ finish.


3. To remove stains

Pools that are used frequently, especially commercial pools with a high volume of swimmers, can easily become stained very quickly for a variety of reasons, whether they’re caused by people or the environment. Getting a new finish on your pool will hide the stains and provide a coating to make your pool look cleaner.


4. To remove scratches or tears

Along with stains, pools can experience some wear and tear due to a high volume of people or any mistakes that can occur to cause damage in a pool. A new finish will cover these etches and tears to make your pool look like it’s never faced any damage.

Here at ecoFINISH® High Performance Pool Finishes, we provide high-quality thermal plastic finishes to leave your pool looking brand new, and also to keep it clean and under control.