June 19, 2017

4 Reasons You Should Have Your Commercial Pool Resurfaced

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Is your commercial pool showing signs of wear and tear? It might be time to consider resurfacing. Commercial pool resurfacing offers a range of benefits that can improve the appearance and longevity of your pool. Whether you’re looking to enhance aesthetics, maintain safety, or extend the lifespan of your pool, resurfacing is a cost-effective solution.

Key Takeaways:

  • Commercial pool resurfacing enhances the aesthetics and value of your pool
  • Commercial pool resurfacing mitigates issues with pH balance and chlorine levels
  • Commercial pool resurfacing removes stains
  • Commercial pool resurfaces removes scratches or tears

Enhance the Aesthetics and Value

Resurfacing your commercial pool not only improves its functionality but also enhances its aesthetics and value. A worn-out or outdated pool surface can significantly impact the overall appearance of your pool, making it less appealing to visitors and potential customers. By investing in pool resurfacing, you can give your commercial pool a fresh and updated look, instantly revitalizing its visual appeal.

Commercial pool maintenance is essential not only for keeping the pool safe and clean but also for creating a positive impression on your guests. A well-maintained pool with a visually appealing surface can make a lasting impression, leaving visitors impressed and eager to return. By improving the aesthetics of your pool through resurfacing, you can attract more customers and increase the overall value of your business.

An in-ground pool with a corner staircase, showcasing a deep, dark pool interior filled with water.

Fights Issues with pH Balance

As pools become dirtier, the pH balance and chlorine levels can become an issue. Getting a new finish on your pool will remove the need for frequent pH checks and expensive renovations and replacements, especially if you get your pool resurfaced with ecoFINISH®’s thermal plastic aquaBRIGHT™ finish. 

Stain Removal 

Pools that are used frequently, especially commercial pools with a high volume of swimmers, can easily become stained very quickly for a variety of reasons, whether they’re caused by people or the environment. Getting a new finish on your pool will hide the stains and provide a coating to make your pool look cleaner.

Furthermore, resurfacing can provide you with an opportunity to customize your pool’s appearance. With a wide range of pool finishes and colors available, you can choose a design that aligns with your brand identity or complements the surrounding landscape. This level of customization adds a touch of uniqueness to your pool, making it stand out from the competition and leaving a lasting impression on your guests.

Scratch or Tear Removal 

Along with stains, pools can experience some wear and tear due to a high volume of people or any mistakes that can occur to cause damage in a pool. Over time, pool surfaces can deteriorate due to constant exposure to water and chemicals, resulting in cracks, rough textures, and uneven surfaces. These issues not only compromise the aesthetics of your pool but can also pose safety risks to swimmers. A new finish will cover these etches and tears to make your pool look like it’s never faced any damage. Resurfacing your commercial pool eliminates these hazards by providing a smooth and durable surface that is free from cracks and imperfections.


Investing in pool surface restoration is not only about improving the appearance of your commercial pool but also about ensuring its longevity. Over time, pool surfaces can become worn, cracked, or stained, leading to more significant problems if left unaddressed. Resurfacing can help repair these damages, preventing further deterioration and extending the lifespan of your pool. By maintaining the quality of your pool surface, you can avoid costly repairs or replacements in the future, saving both time and money.

In addition to safety and durability benefits, pool resurfacing also offers an opportunity to refresh the appearance of your commercial pool. With a range of finishes and colors available, you can rejuvenate the aesthetics of your pool to attract more customers and enhance their overall experience. Whether you choose a classic, modern, or custom design, commercial pool refurbishment allows you to create a visually appealing space that sets your pool apart. 

Here at ecoFINISH, we provide high-quality thermal plastic finishes to leave your pool looking brand new, and also to keep it clean and under control.