May 9, 2016

3 Tips to Help Keep a Swimming Pool in Great Condition

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As a provider of some of the most innovative pool finishes available today, you can bet that we know a few things about what it takes to keep a swimming pool in excellent condition. While all pools are different (especially residential and commercial pools) the one thing that will undoubtedly be the key to ensuring that every pool looks great throughout swimming season will be routine care.

So, here are three regular and routine things you can do to keep a swimming pool looking great:

Clean the pool daily.

If you own a commercial or residential swimming pool, it’s likely that you know more than enough about the importance of keeping it clean. However, how often you do it will certainly affect how appealing it looks to swimmers. As soon as you find leaves, or other debris floating on the surface or sitting at its bottom, it’s time to grab a skimmer or vacuum. While you might have the urge to wait another day, it’s often best to take a few minutes to clean it immediately so that the debris doesn’t cause stains or damage. Plus, it will remain appealing!

Check the filter for clogs every day.

Different pool filters will require various types of maintenance. However, one thing that they all have the potential to do is clog. Although your filter will require less cleaning than the pool itself, you should check it every day to guarantee that it isn’t clogged and that it is running properly. And, if you didn’t know, your filter can be a little bit dirty because that dirt will help trap other particles and debris. So, the key here will be to make certain everything is running properly, and that there is not too much waste in your filter that would otherwise contaminate the water!

Monitor and check the pH level.

It’s likely that you will find something about the importance of checking a pool’s water chemistry in every article that discusses how to take great care of a pool. So, if you haven’t realized it by now, monitoring and checking a pool’s pH level will be vital if you want it to not only look great, but be swimmable. Inevitably, checking its pH level is important because a pool will only be safe to swim in if it has the right balance of acidity and alkalinity. After all, there are many things out there that can affect a pool’s pH level—especially its finish.

But, if you do end up using one of our swimming pool finishes, one can rest assured that it will not have an adverse impact on the water chemistry!

To learn more about our products and how they can aid a swimming pool in looking great, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!