April 8, 2016

3 Tips to Help You Choose a Pool Finish Color

Having a pool installed, remodeled, or renovated is often a big and expensive project that consists of making many decisions. Not only do you need to think about the design of the pool and whether or not your yard is big enough, but you also need to think about how it will look once it is filled with water. Why? Well, the color of your pool is what brings it to life!

When it comes time to decide on which pool finish or color you should choose (whether you have your eyes on blue, gray, or white, etc.), here are three things for you to keep in mind:

The Surrounding Trees, Plants, & Grass

Will there be a little or a lot of foliage surrounding your pool once is up and running? If you have your eyes on a vibrant blue finish, the surrounding foliage may cause it to look more aquamarine. Plus, there is no denying that shade from trees will not only prevent the sun from getting through, but that it could cause your pool color to look darker than it actually is. Inevitably, if your mind is set on your pool appearing blue and vibrant, you need to consider how the surrounding foliage will affect it.

The Sun.

If you live in an area that receives a lot of sun, there is strong chance that your pool color will look incredibly vibrant and intense! However, if there is little and/or no sun, you pool will look different in certain areas or spots throughout the day. If you have a certain pool color in mind, and want to see what it looks like with a lot or a little sun, you can ask the pool company or installer for some examples of the color you want on both a sunny and cloudy day.

The Pool’s Depth & Size.

If your pool is going to be shallow, the color will end up looking lighter. If your pool is deeper, it’s likely that the color will look darker. In the end, if you choose a lighter color and have a shallow pool, you will have a brighter pool, but if you still choose a lighter color and have a deeper pool, it will end up looking darker!

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